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okładka Twarda
isbn 978-83-8159-227-7
format 130x205
Ilość stron 104
Autor Rosiewicz Małgorzata


It is never like it is going wrong all the time, and it is never going to be all right at all times. Joy and sadness are mutually intertwined emotions of life. There must be sadness so that we appreciate joy, and there must be joy so that we forget sorrow.
Let us appreciate every spark in our life - let's enjoy it, let it fill us with its light.
When worse days come, it is the spark that will burn like a torch and will not let the light of Hope go out in us.
May the thoughts contained in this book make you find your way to Eternal Joy, where there is love, and dreams come true despite the hardships of life.
Good luck
Małgorzata Rosiewicz
Hope is certainly an exceptional book. Its layout alone positively surprises us, for we find here prose, poetry, drawings, and even a fairy tale - all skillfully combined, interwoven with interesting comments and insights. The positive overall assessment is also noteworthy. The author emphasizes that not only are dreams important, but also the belief that they will be fulfilled, because it is impossible to live without dreams and without faith. And we know it, but very often forget about it. The author gently reminds us and helps us discover the child in us who enjoys the moment and looks towards the future with hope.
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